Tax Planning, Structuring & Advisory

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Tax Planning, Structuring & Advisory

We work with clients to determine the nature of transactions involved and then to plan strategies and structures that will optimise tax planning opportunities. Tax planning areas we have advised on include small business capital gains tax concessions, structuring of new business and investment entities, restructuring of business and family groups, and opportunities around marriage breakdown and retirement.

We also provide clients with tax advice in relation to particular transactions, for example regarding the actual or proposed income tax, fringe benefits tax, and goods and services tax outcomes.

Tax planning is not limited to complicated arrangements or multifaceted transactions. Tax planning involves arranging your affairs so as to comply with the tax laws whilst paying the lowest possible amount of tax. It involves assessing the applicable tax risks and actively managing those risks.

Taxpayers considering even commonplace transactions should give proper consideration to tax planning to ensure there are no unfavourable tax consequences.

Benefits of Tax Planning

Tax planning is especially beneficial in particular situations such as where:

  • the overall structure of a business or family group is being reviewed due to a change in circumstances
  • there is is a change in ownership or the addition or removal of entities in a group
  • a business entity or asset is to be bought or sold
  • a business or individual is likely to derive a large amount of taxable income for a particular year
  • there is a change in personal circumstances, eg. marriage, marriage breakdown, retirement, moving to or from Australia
  • estate or succession planning

How can we assist?

As tax advisors we can review your proposed transactions or desired outcomes and advise you on the opportunities available to minimise your tax costs whilst complying with relevant tax laws.

With constant developments in the tax arena our team of advisors have regular training both in-house and externally to ensure that they are abreast of the current rules and their interpretation by the Australian Taxation Office and the courts.

Contact us today to discuss your tax planning or advisory requirements.